Winter Softball League Rules


  • Game Length: 55min games, 55 is the drop dead limit time. No new innings after 50 minutes.
  • Field:  70’x70′ In-Field, consists of 50′ bases, 43′ Pitching Distance.
  • Players: Pitcher, Catcher (in full gear) and 4 Infielders, with Umpire…Unlimited batters (must wear helmets). You may wear any type of shorts, sweats or softball pants. We do recommend matching jerseys if possible


    • Batter to start with a 1-1 count, if a batter fouls a ball off to reach a 3rd strike, they are given 1 courtesy foul. If they foul it off again they are out
    • Batters run out to first base only, all ties are ruled out. No arguing calls, if a player argues in any form that player is ejected for the night. Foul language is not tolerated and will result in the player being called out.
    • 5 Run rule per inning
    • Game can end in a tie
    • No bunting/slapping is allowed
    • Any ball hit off of the ceiling netting or the celling flaps is foul unless it is caught by a fielder cleanly and then it is an out. Balls hit off the perimeter screening are foul and not playable.
    • Any ball hit past an infielder that hits the wall below the single line is a 1 base hit.
    • Any ball hit off the wall above the single line is a double
    • Any ball hit off the farthest ceiling flap is a triple with the exception of the home run target in center field (these targets are approximetly140 feet from home plate)
    • Ghost runners advance 1 base in front of the batter and are not forced home unless the bases are loaded of the batter occupies 3rd base or hits a home run
    • Ghost runners can be forced out based on a clean infield play, if a player bobbles or muffs the ball the ghost runner is safe. This does not apply to first base where the runner is live
    • Double plays will always be based on the batter running to first, examples: second to first runner beats throw, runner at second is out if play is clean, runner at first is safe. Third to second – both runners are out if the play is clean and you beat the runner to first with your throw to second, same goes with home to any base
    • Hit batters get awarded first base. Catcher’s interference gets awarded first base


  • Any parent who argues a call or makes smart comments that can be heard by others will be asked to leave and the team associated with that parent will be accessed 1 out.
  • The purpose of this league is not only to win but also to get fielding practice in and too have fun. Attitude is part of this development.
  • The best record at the end of session 1, will be awarded champion and a trophy will be presented to that team. The first tie breaker is runs allowed, second tie break is run differential, third is runs scored
  • If a team is short players, we will ask a player from another team to step in. You may bring any player from any team you can find to fill your roster

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